Melbourne Cup trophy

Melbourne Cup 2019

Melbourne Cup trophy
Melbourne Cup trophy

For all the horse racing lovers out there who fancy a punt, the Melbourne Cup may be just the event for you all. The Melbourne Cup 2019 date is slated for November 5 at 3:00 PM in Australia. This horse racing gathering is one of the chiefest of such events in the country and the world. For the 2019 edition, the organisers are expecting to welcome as many as 100,000 people, slightly more or slightly less. Funding of the cup has also been generous with $7.3 million allocated in prize money. We will see 24 competitors enter the race and vie for the lion’s share of the award. What can we do as punters to improve our Melbourne Cup odds of making successful bets?

Melbourne Cup Odds and the Bookies


Our first advice is to check the current 2019 Melbourne Cup odds. With just a few clicks you will find out that Rekindling, the 2017 winner, is again the leader, with bets starting at $19. However, Rekindling is followed by a number of competitors priced at $26, including Chestnut Coat, Magic Circle, Johannes Vermeer, Kings Will Dream. One of the most notable underdogs is Marmelo, priced at $31.

Now you have a rough outline of who the likely winners of this year’s race are and you can tailor your bets accordingly. We will advise you to consider using Trifecta bets first and then supplement them with the Quintella. We would argue that there are merits to placing a place bet or an all-way bet, too, albeit we prefer the potential returns from the exotic bets.

Do the Bookies Get it Right?


If you are wondering whether the bookmakers get their Melbourne Cup 2019 odds right, the answer is yes. However, the races are always neck-and-neck competitions, and guessing accurately the winner is always difficult. Rekindling may have a slight advantage, but the team will also have to handle a number of contenders who have more than great chance of outpacing O’Brien, the Rekindling’s jockey. It helps to know that O’Brien won the 2017 edition and seems well-poised to contest the title the second year in a row.

However, you ought to remind yourself that jockeys seldom win twice in a row and in the tournament’s most recent history, it was Glen Boss who managed this feat in 2004 and 2005. A repeat, while likely, could still be difficult to pull off.

Looking a Gifted Horse in the Mouth


The Melbourne Cup 2019 horses also merit an examination. What makes horse racing betting difficult is the fact that winners alternate from year to year. Horses don’t stay competitive as long and little is known about the overall performance of a horse before a major meet-up.

We advise you to look into the lead-up races as they will provide you with sufficient information about how particular horses and jockeys have been performing. Examining the career of jockeys up close is also another thing you may want to consider in the long term as well.

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